Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fresh & Funky Floral Keds In Bloom!

Flowers have been an inspiration to artists of all types for centuries. For many artists from painters and sculptors to photographers and graphic designers, flowers offer a source of inspiration in their shape, color, texture and beauty.

There is much symbolism associated with flowers and early painters would choose specific flowers to convey certain messages. In modern times, much of the symbolism has been lost and meanings associated with a particular type of flower can vary from culture to culture. But, the timeless appeal of flowers speaks to one's soul providing many positive feelings such as happiness, love, beauty, growth, purity and giving. Their pure and simple beauty offers a refreshing charm and calming sensation.

In today's post, we've assembled a fun and funky collection of keds that have been inspired by flowers.

Today Is The Greatest Keds by The Spotted Olive Kicks!
Today Is The Greatest Women's Keds Shoe kedsshoe

Fresh Floral Nature Inspired Keds by Designer Keds
Fresh Floral Nature Inspired Keds Shoes kedsshoe

Music & Roses Keds Shoes by I Love (Keds) Shoes
Music and Roses Shoes kedsshoe

Brown, Blue and Gold Floral Abstract Lace Ups Keds by Nature Tees
Brown, Blue and Gold Floral Abstract Lace Ups kedsshoe

Vintage 60s Circles & Flowers by Uteez Shoes
Vintage 60's Circles kedsshoe

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